We’ve always believed, the Gold is in the Old here at Shiverpool, which definitely does have a Silver lining too!

£10 Tickets for 65+ 

We believe in seizing the moment for there’s no time but the present. So, its carpe diem, sieze the day and at least you won’t grow any older! That said in the unlikely event that you do survive to tell the tale, we can promise, history mystery, ghost stories and lots of fun frights & city sights

So how does it work?

Pick your date

Public tours run every Thursday, Friday and Saturday.


7pm and 9:30pm

Private and Group bookings,

Numbers 10 or over can choose Any Tour, Any Date, Any Time.

Send us an email info@shiverpool.co.uk with your time, tour and date or call 0151-709-2030 and we’ll be happy to chat through options and book you on over the phone with a card.

Tour Capacity is 40.


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