Special Covid-19 Message

Special Covid-19 Message

Dear Guests…

It’s one for all and all for one…

Street Feartre doth return… Your Duskateers, Miss Chiller Black, Miss Mary Coffins, Meryl Creep, Rikki Mortis and Dame Judy Stench await your pleasure.

The cataclysmic events hitherto have precipitated that we are bound to introduce temporary adjustments to our Street Theatre shenanigans but our enthusiasm, energy and eccentricities remain unfettered.

  • Tours capacity has been reduced by more than half. From 40 to 15 (But twice as much fun of course)
  • Wear Masks if you wish,  we are incredibly lucky that we made the great outdoors our home and so are immersed in fresh sea air for the entire experience (only commitment to the moment is compulsory)
  • Hand Sanitiser is available
  • Guides will be Veiled but this does not imply modesty will be observed
  • For now we will be delivering the Hope Street Experience as it’s 100% outdoors- The Auld City and Dead House will return later on or can be booked privately (get in touch)
  • Private Tours can be arranged for groups so do get in touch if our dates don’t suit

Measure for Measure

In order to keep order, your Guides will be armed with their measuring sticks, combining safety and discipline all with one satisfying swish of their cane. 

Our activities are outside in the fresh air with plenty of space to move and dance about, although; we visit burial sites, encounter headless apparitions, peer into pyramids and enter graveyards at night… What’s the worst that could happen?   


We have completed a robust health and safety assessment and  conclusively concluded, it is Risky! On a serious note – although nothing can be 100% risk free we have carefully consulted the VisitBritain and Government Guide lines to ensure the risk is managed and minimised.


‘Set your Spirit Free with Shiverpool’


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