Who is Shiverpool For?
Shiverpool is for All!

Whether you’re 10 or 60, with friends, your school, on a first date or a loved one, Shiverpool appeals to everyone through its rich blend of street theatre storytelling, true grisly history, humour and phantasmological fun!

We deliver our famous street theatre shows to large and small audiences, tailored tour immersive experiences for schools and colleges, universities and corporate audiences, we also run a schedule of shows open to all, from families to tourists from all over the world.

Audiences who come to Shiverpool are transported from the everyday to different worlds of Liverpool’s famous Haunted Heritage. We Stop Time, suspend disbelief and live for 90 minutes, perhaps a little longer, together, in the infinite NOW!

Is the Shiverpool Tour Scary?

Shiverpool delivers chilling ghost stories, marvellous myths legends and ghoulish frightful fables in atmospheric and haunted locations including ancient underground morgues and Victorian cemeteries. Our Spirit Guides will shine the moon light upon the places where strange weird and wonderful phenomena have taken place. Our locations are infamously spooky, especially afterdark.

Our Spirit Guides are un-dead- not un-reasonable, they are also professional seasoned storytellers with award winning guiding skills and will expertly adjust their performance for their audience where appropriate… We can’t however speak for the resident spectres and ghoulish characters on route (and that’s just the public!) Remember it’s not the Dead you need to be Afraid of. 

Do We Need To Book In Advance?

Yes. Pre-booking is essential. Our tickets are sold on a first come first served basis and we are unable to reserve tickets without full payment. The tours are capped too to ensure an excellent experience and that our audiences do not feel overcrowded. Please Note:If you decide to arrive at the tour meeting location without pre-booking online, then you do so at your own risk. We can not guarantee a place will be available to you. Our tours regularly sell out so pre- booking is advised.

I've booked my Shiverpool Experience! What happens next?

All you need to do is check your e-mails for your ticket confirmation. (We work with a fantastic ticket provider called Fareharbor who manage our online bookings.)

Ensure you double check the details.

Bring forth your hand held telephones, shiny magical gadgets or printed tickets, and meet us at the start location stated on your confirmation.

Meeting Points:

For the Famous Hope Street Shivers Tour: Outside the Philharmonic Pub, Hope Street 

For the Auld City and Dead House Tour: The Queen Victoria Monument

For the Secret Garden Cemetery Shivers Tour: Outside the Philharmonic Pub, Hope Street 

Your Spirit Guides will be waiting to greet you and check your life insurance papers, your last WILL and testament and finally your tour ticket confirmation.

Please arrive ten minutes before the tour takes place so our guides can administer the administrative duties. 

What Happens If There Is Bad Weather On The Night Of The Tour?

We will run the tour come rain or shine. However, in very rare circumstances, we may postpone a tour if there are severe weather warnings issued by the Met Office. On the very rare occasion that whilst the tour is being delivered the weather becomes too severe, the decision may be taken to stop the activity and invite you back again. All customers will be issued with a credit note. One of our guiding philosophy’s has always been- there’s no such thing as bad weather, just badly dressed people– so come prepared!

Why Do You Need A Contact Number?

It is important that we have a contact number for you – preferably a mobile number – so that we can contact you in the rare event that the tour needs to be postponed.

Is There Much Walking During The Tour?

The locations where each of the tales are told are spaced quite evenly along the tour route. Walking between locations lasts between 5-8 minutes at a time. The entire route spans up to 1500m. (Although ground can be covered more quickly when running away!)

How Long Do The Tours Last?

The tours last for 1 hour and 30 minutes / eternity providing you make it out alive of course.

How Do I Pay For The Tours?

Payment for the tour can be made online via our website using our booking system, or you can call ChillerBlack on 0151 709 2030 and pay with a card. You can find tourist information desks at Wall Street, Liverpool ONE. Failing the above, two gold coins will also be accepted by Sharon.

Is There A Minimum Age?

We would recommend All Shiverpool tours for children aged 9 upwards, however we don’t have a tight restriction on age limit, we do stress that this is a ghost tour and the aim is to chill and thrill, so parents please use your discretion. You know your children best. (At least you won’t grow any older)

What Is The Maximum Number Allowed In One Group?

The maximum group size we can take on our walking tours is 40 people. However, if your group size is larger than this, we can run multiple tours on one night to accommodate your groups. More heads the better. (for example tours can operate within 30 mins of each other which means that 200 can be accommodated over one evening, i.e. 6-10pm)

What's the cancellation policy?


All sales are final. In severe weather Shiverpool reserve the right to cancel any tour. Shiverpool reserves the right on very rare circumstances to offer alternative tour routes. Our priority is always to provide the very highest standard of customer care however, please do bear in mind that this is a live show and from time to time, tours may need to be diverted or alternative tours offered. If our customers need to cancel or change a date, we will do everything possible to accommodate a new request and provide a new ticket. Please note a small admin fee may be applied.


Is there a change of date fee policy?

If changes are allowed on a tour or activity, a £10.00 per reservation change fee may be applied for any change to a reservation. Please note that some tours and activities do not allow any changes. Date changes can be made only if we can confirm availability on the new date. While we cannot guarantee any changes can be made, all change requests must be submitted a minimum of 24 hours prior to the tour departure and must be handled on an individual basis through our customer service team.

What's the accessibility of Shiverpool for guests with mobility issues, learning difficulties, hard of hearing or visual impairments?

Due to the nature of our experiences, unfortunately we are unable to accommodate wheelchair or pram users on all of our tours and events. For some wheelchair users and prams we would recommend The Hope Street Shivers Tour. However it is important to state that the gradient of some very steep slopes and the nature of some of the surfaces – such as uneven and old public high-ways and cobbled surfaces make it a challenge for some wheelchair users. The need for a strong pair of arms would be essential to assist.

We would strongly recommend calling or emailing our team to discuss your mobility needs if you do use a wheelchair to avoid disappointment and difficulties along the route. 

We provide ongoing training for our team members as well as having the following measures in place: –

  • Promote positive attitudes towards disabled people.
  • Every person who answers the phone / email can respond confidently to the question “What is the access like at your venue?”
  • Discounted tickets for companions of disabled people (please email the office for details)

If you would like to talk to us about arranging a BSL interpreter or you think your booking would benefit from extra support on tour don’t hesitate to get in touch and talk to our team about your individual requirements.

In an effort to promote the very best accessibility practices, we welcome any feedback you might have. Please contact us via info@shiverpool.co.uk or call us on 0151 709 2030

All of Shiverpool’s experiences can be delivered online on request please send an email with your enquiry to info@shiverpool.co.uk

We want you to enjoy Shiverpool and we aim to make every effort to ensure that you do.

Are dogs or pets allowed on the Shiverpool Tour?

Due to the nature of the Shiverpool experience, we only allow guide dogs to accompany guests.

Can carers get a discount on the tour?
We are very happy to offer discounts for carers assisting those with mobility issues, please email us info@shiverpool.co.uk with the relevant pass or documents to acquire a special booking code. This is subject to availability.
Can I smoke on the tour?

The Shiverpool Guides are the only thing smokin on this tour! Blazing a trail as they go, it’s ‘Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust’ we have a strict No Smoking Policy that also includes vapes and other e-cigarettes.

What happens if we are late? Can we catch-up and join the tour?

The Shiverpool tour is a street theatre performance as-well as an informative historical storytelling experience, it can be disruptive if late comers arrive and have not had the benefit of the opening ceremony! We allow 10 mins grace, and we do give instructions on confirmations as to where we will be, but after that we would ask that you email us and we will do our best to reschedule your tour.

We do ask that you arrive ten mins BEFORE the tour begins as we start the introduction and WILL / Life Insurance agreements strictly on time.

Our phone lines may not be available during tour time. 

Can we translate the tour to guests who speak another language?

The Shiverpool tour is delivered in English only and not recommended to guests who do not understand English.

If you are looking to translate the stories for others in your group please be mindful that it can be disruptive and detrimental to the atmosphere of the experience for others if guests are speaking and translating the stories directly into another language during the performance, therefore if you are bringing guests who do not speak English we would kindly ask you to translate in-between stories whilst the group is walking from place to place and not during the performance.

 Please email and let us know if you are planning a trip with Shiverpool info@shiverpool.co.uk .

Please feel free to speak to the guide at the end of the tour for any clarification on details of the stories told, we would be happy to help.

How Will Covid-19 Effect the Tour

This Independent Business has been Independently Audited and is COVID -SAFE

The following as of Feb 2024 does not apply

We are an organised Covid Secure activity and workplace

Check us out on FourSquare Group Covid Safe Register

Due to the nature of our outdoor setting, this enables us to safely continue our organised activities from 15th April, working within the current guide-lines, allow our team to continue their work in the Arts Tourism and Culture sector and the public to enjoy Shiverpool safely (until the end of course)

Shiverpool is a contact free activity. If you’re showing any Covid-19 symptoms before the tour, let us know and we can offer an alternative tour, or provide you with one of our groovy but ghoulish giftcards.

Shiverpool operates in accordance with its COVID-SECURE risk assessment, statement and Good-To-Go accreditation.

As we have been observing throughout our re-opening, be mindful not to merge with other participants who are taking part in our activity to form a larger group. Where this occurs we are able to adapt, using common sense and take adequate space to ensure guidance is adhered to.


  • Tours capacity has been reduced in accordance with current guidelines. (But twice as much fun of course)
  • Wear Masks if you wish,  we are incredibly lucky that we made the great outdoors our home and so are immersed in fresh sea air for the entire experience (only commitment to the moment is compulsory)
  • Hand Sanitiser is available
  • Guides will be Veiled where possible but this does not imply modesty will be observed
  • For now we will be delivering the Hope Street Experience as it’s 100% outdoors- The Auld City and Dead House will return later on or can be booked privately (get in touch)
  • Private Tours can be arranged for groups so do get in touch if our dates don’t suit

Measure for Measure

In order to keep order, your Guides will be armed with their measuring sticks, combining safety and discipline all with one satisfying swish of their cane.

Our activities are outside in the fresh air with plenty of space to move and dance about, although; we visit burial sites, encounter headless apparitions, peer into pyramids and enter graveyards at night… What’s the worst that could happen?   


We have completed a robust health and safety assessment and  conclusively concluded, it is Risky! On a serious note – although nothing can be 100% risk free we have carefully consulted the VisitBritain and Government Guide lines plus we have engaged with an independent Auditor at FourSquare Group to ensure the risk is managed and minimised.

‘Set your Spirit Free with Shiverpool’

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