From Shakespeare to Dickens, whether Wilde or the work of Elizabeth Gaskell, the Art of a Good Ghost Story has always remained cemented between the walls and corridors of stately homes, old English towns and their darkened alleys, gluing together generations around the dying embers of the fire before bedtime and lights out!

We deliver our famous street theatre shows to large and small audiences, tailored tour immersive experiences for schools and colleges, universities and corporate audiences, we also run a schedule of shows open to all, from families to tourists from all over the world. 

Audiences who come to Shiverpool are transported from the everyday to different worlds of Liverpool’s famous Haunted Heritage. We Stop Time, suspend disbelief and live for 90 minutes, perhaps a little longer, together, in the infinite NOW!

Our Mission

In an age where we are bombarded by Tweets, News Parcels and fragments of film, we invite you to step inside the magical, ancient world of Ghost Stories.

We’re apt to agree with author Jonathan Stroud, ‘…there’s nothing more bracing than a well delivered scare!…’

In this life or the next our mission is to work, cultivate and collaborate with Artists of all disciplines and backgrounds to produce, inventive,  innovative material, share knowledge, resources (such as Top Hats) and best/mischievous practice.

We Guarantee to Chill, Thrill and fill your experience with Phantasmagorical Fun to suit all ages (coffins) and shoe sizes! 

To activate spaces, places, streets and to Deliver the Shiver.

Shiverpool also engages with emerging artists to develop their professional practice whether it be through performing arts, creative writing, theatrical make-up, film making or creative design.

Our Values

Apart from flesh and blood, values are the corner stone of our daily diets at Shiverpool.






We Believe That…

Theatre has the power to illuminate, transform, and heal.

Experiencing theatre is essential for us all to thrive.

We have a responsibility to nurture, honour, and respect the imagination  of our audience and storytellers.

Fables, fairy tales, and myths stimulate intuitive thinking and encourage the possibility of mystery and magic in our lives.

Theatre can create community by bringing together a diverse audience encompassing all ages and backgrounds.

We have a responsibility to reach out to children and families who may not otherwise have access to the unique kind of artistic and educational experiences that we provide.

How we work with one another matters.

Creating a working environment that encourages collaboration and creativity enables artists to be fully self-expressive.

We Want To…

Deliver the best guided tours in the country

Think outside the coffin

Tell the stories of the City with integrity, intelligence and ingenuity

Exceed expectations always

Work with gifted and talented artists from our diverse communities, train to a high standard and continually nurture the creative talent in the City of Liverpool

Cherish and care for our urban environment

 Shiverpool outdoor arts/street theatre troupe is proud to work alongside local CIC’s, charities and groups to serve the growing need for programmes of arts & culture that serve our neighbourhoods and communities in order to reach a wider audience.

Community, Environment and Sustainability

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