The Shiverpool Ghost Map

Hauntings & Histories

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the city’s heritage and Folklore

An  original drawing by International Artist Stephen Walter using only the highest quality recycled paper materials.

Includes: 1x A1 Folded Poster | 1x Ghost Card (to send to your fiends) | 1x Haunted Heritage Trail – all wrapped up in a be’spook’ Gold Foiled Cover.

The work spans events from Liverpool’s medieval past up to present day.

The hidden streets, medieval gardens, secret underground spaces and stunning architecture of our City have been our playground of inspiration for so many years and we hope that the Map will be loved by visitors and local’s alike, by all ages and shoe sizes too.

Liverpool is a bubbling cauldron of myth, legend and  bewitching fables. A City of creepy creatures, deadly demons, where myths and magical stories run amok and spooky spirits lurk beneath every trapdoor (and that’s just Slater Street on a Saturday Night!) Have your nerve tested by over 50 legendary locations, ghost-written and craftily created into cartographical form for your fiendish delight.

The Craftily Created Liverpool Hauntings and Histories Map is fully illustrated by Map Conjurer Stephen Walter, A1 in size complete with a Ghost-Card to send to a friend or fiend plus a Gold Foiled wrap to keep it safe. Shiverpool have also included thier personally curated Haunted Heritage trail through the city too to get you started on your explorations. So pack your torch, garlic, holy water and your walking boots and get set to discover, uncover and delve a little deeper!

Liverpool’s TOP 50

 Liverpool’s most mythical locations mapped,


 Spine-tingling stories of banshees, twisted sisters and towers


From wining witches to (un)friendly fairies and everything in between, track down these magical creatures in their fabled stomping grounds.


A spooky selection of more than 20 haunted spots, all guaranteed to give you the shivers


Over 20 places enshrined in tales of ancient mystery.


From paranormal pubs to magical mystery trails, explore supernatural Liverpool via these epic odysseys.


Printed with a local printer and supplier on recycled paper materials

Created and designed in Lovely Liverpool.

 Enjoy Exploring!

How to buy:

There are three ways to purchase the Shiverpool Ghost Map:

Simply ‘Add on’ up to ten maps to your order for £14.99 each when booking- your guide will present them to you on arrival

Choose the Ultimate Shiverpool Tour Ticket £34.50 (Tour & Map Package) The guide will present your map on arrival

Purchase separately for £19.99 (UK addresses) or £24.99 (International) plus a small booking fee and we’ll post it to you via Royal Mail within 7 working days.

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