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Shiverpool produces powerfully presented interactive tours, performances and workshops that bring our tantalizing twist on storytelling, chilling tales of history, mystery and folklore into your school.

We deliver tours to a range of school audiences from Primary through to Key stage 3 and University level.

We are a favourite choice amongst international language schools with CELTA trained tour guides who tailor the tour to meet the language requirements of the group.

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“Tales From Beyond”

Shiverpool on Stage for schools

Tales From Beyond is an electrifying interactive 60-minute performance for schools, an eerie exploration of Liverpool’s gruesome past that will inspire chill and thrill in equal measure.

A feast for all the senses, the show utilises ancient artefacts, atmospheric sights and sounds and masterful storytelling to deliver an unearthly nosedive into the hidden histories of this iconic city. Infused with wry modern humour that will appeal to children and their wicked schoolmasters alike, this one-of-a-kind educational experience takes audiences on a sensory journey across raging seas, through gloomy graveyards and dusty libraries to arrive at a thrilling, cathartic conclusion.


This entertaining, informative and ultimately heart-warming story will appeal to children’s universal fascination with the bizarre and the grotesque, the weird and the downright laughable. It conjures a fantastical world rooted in the sometimes rotten truth of Liverpool’s uncanny heritage – stories and characters too strange to be true – yet here they are, telling their tales to anyone who’ll listen, bringing the past to life.

The stories within Tales From Beyond are a subtle blend of local legend and shocking-but-true historical facts, aiming to enthuse young audiences about their community’s past, embedding gory details within a tantalising fiction.

As the show is largely dependant on the strength of its storytelling and performers it has few technical requirements. The play is aimed at high school age groups but can be easily adapted for a younger audience. It can be performed in most spaces as long as darkness can be achieved and does not require a lengthy get-in/get-out process.

When bored teenager Jo is forced to interview her antique dealing Grandfather about ‘bare old stuff’ for a school history project, she can’t imagine anything more boring. However, her notions about the past are about to be challenged as she explores his treasure trove of artefacts, each with a tale more terrible than the last. Her morbid curiosity and his seemingly supernatural gift for spinning yarns spurs her on to a voyage of discovery, and she soon finds herself in the company of grinning ghouls, dribbling demons and wailing widows, each wanting to claim her youth and claw their way back into being. Through her fateful odyssey alongside her mischievous Grandad she learns about truth and the power of storytelling – a power that can save lives.

Will Jo succumb to the frightening forces at work in her Grandfather’s shop? Or will she survive this terrible afternoon to tell her own story? Only those brave enough to bear witness to Shiverpool: Tales From Beyond will know the answer!


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