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Telling ghostly tales during the Christmas season has always been a tradition going back centuries… As the chill of these December days begins to bite and you settle in front of a roaring fire, apparently safe from harm, it’s the perfect time for a chilling tale or two…

But instead of the roaring fire the folks at Shiverpool invite you to stretch your legs, take a deep breath of our River City’s salty sea air, wrap up in your finest woollen scarves and mittens and join us for a spooky stomp through time and place…

We dare you to journey through Liverpool’s most haunted heritage and share with us our sea soaked stories…

On our journey your Spirit Guide will bring the pounding paves to life and much like the ghost of Christmas past, invite you to take a step back in time and through that prism look upon those who’s footsteps we follow.

We will recount the most famous folklore tale in Liverpool and reveal the secrets of the city’s most infamous ghost, the Victorian Merchant Will McKenzie whose apparition and eerie pyramid tomb set a sombre tone on Northern England’s most haunted thoroughfare Rodney Street. Let us take you through the bloodied memories of Bodysnatchers and their gruesome trade.

Behold the flamboyant and indulgence of the shadowy structure of the Wellington Rooms and encounter the weeping wailing woman who’s presence lingers too long for some, when finally ending our journey in one of most haunted locations in England.

Secrets from the hidden Necropolis; St James’ Cemetery and gardens, will lure you into the darkness of this sacred place. Your guide will expertly weave the hidden histories and secret stories of this great chasm into an experience of storytelling wonder you likely won’t forget…

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