Stories were shared and fireworks heard, the beer flowed and all friends showed. We did say farewell but welcomed new blood too (and when they’ve sobered up) we’ll be coming for you.

Awarded to Jake ‘The Demon Hawkes’ Sometimes known as Jackie the Ripper,

For the survival and handling of the infamous ‘Italian Job’ tours of death

Awarded to RIP Ryan for his Rapacious, Rousing and sometimes Risky Reptartee with all that trembled before his blood junky countenance.

James Mcabe is awarded The ‘New Kid in the flock’ good luck and welcome!

Carnivorous Ciara is awarded the celebrated and coveted award, with a long and illustrious lineage, that of ‘most blood curdling banshee’

Sinister Sam is awarded Shiverpool’s best dressed, always able to add the touch of class the experience!

Canice Ward is awarded a firm favourite here at Shiverpool of ‘most blood curdling scream! Let’s take a listen…

Daniel Gaskell is awarded the Shiverpool Gothic Queen, better to be queen when you’re seen.

Issac Nixon is our Beelzebub, our Morning and up and coming Star!

Georgie, is awarded best supporting performance artist and most eeriest shadowy spectre. Her disconcerting presence is one to be feared.

Peter Shock -perhaps he was born to be- I mean what’s in a name? For his outstanding characterisation of the newly formed thing that is “Frank.”

Peter also wins in the Mane Catagory.

With Igor being highly commended in the Mane Category.

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