The Results are in and it’s Good News for

Shiverpool’s Visitor Attraction Assessment


We are absolutely thrilled to announce that after what has been a challenging time for all of us in the Tourism industry, Shiverpool’s Visitor Assessment has received 93% from the Team at VisitEngland’s Visitor Attraction Quality Scheme.

So as we dive into Summer in the City, things just got a little cooler! Join us for some afterdark antics on our street theatre family experiences…

With many thanks to our assessor at Visit England for the Feedback! 

“Overall Shiverpool and specifically the Hope Street Shivers Tour provides an excellent visitor experience. Based on this assessment Shiverpool will be nominated for the prestigious VisitEngland ‘Best Told Story (Tour)’ and ‘Gold’ accolades.”

“An invitation was also made for a free 20 minute extension to the tour down into St James Garden, which a notable 14 of the 18 attendees accepted. The tone softened as true stories of some of the thousands of people buried there were told. With darkness falling, bats circulating and views up to the illuminated Anglican Cathedral it was an atmospheric and touching addition to the tour experience.”

“The tour exceeded all expectations, weaving history with drama, theatre and entertainment against the backdrop of a beautiful summer evening with a stunning sunset.”

“The quality of the performance was excellent combining humour, drama, theatre and at the end also sensitivity in the storytelling which created an enjoyable and memorable tour.”


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