October Dates 2018

18th 21:30 Hope Street Shivers
19th 21:30 Hope Street Shivers – SOLD OUT
20th 19:00 Auld City & Dead House SOLD OUT
20th 21:30 Hope Street Shivers
21st 17:00 Ghost Bus
21st 19:00 Ghost BusSOLD OUT
21st 21:00 Ghost Bus

23rd 19:00 Hope Street Shivers
24th 19:00 Auld City & Dead House
25th 19:00 Auld City & Dead House
25th 21:30 Hope Street Shivers
26th 21:30 Hope Street Shivers 

27th 17:00 Auld City & Dead House
27th 19:0Auld City & Dead HouseSOLD OUT
27th 21:30 Hope Street Shivers

29th 19:00 Auld City & Dead HouseSOLD OUT
30th 19:00 Hope Street Shivers– SOLD OUT

30th 21:30 Hope Street Shivers

*** Hallowe’en Special***
31st 18:00 Hope Street Shivers – SOLD OUT

31st 20:00 Hope Street Shivers – SOLD OUT

If this schedule doesn’t suit yours, Shiverpool can accommodate private tours for groups, just click HERE for more info on our private tour availability or get in touch and we can help you plot an event exclusively for you.


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