COLD FULL MOON Hope Street Shivers Special Dec 30th 8PM
Shiverpool’s COLD FULL MOON Cemetery Shivers Special is here!
To celebrate the end of 2020 and to launch our Full Moon Series for 2021, on Dec 30th 8PM the Shiverpool Hope Street Shivers Tour will Include an additional FREE experience (if you dare) within the very depths of St James’ Cemetery & Gardens, former Necropolis, City of the Dead.
The journey through the great chasm that is St James’ Cemetery & Gardens will unearth and shine a lantern light on some of the most famous of Liverpool’s great & good.
A wonderful marriage, a tour de force, The Hope Street Shivers promenade show will reveal some of the incredible legacies these great characters and figures left in life, to then follow in the footsteps of our ancestors to their final place of rest… And what better night to explore and enjoy the adventure but on a Full Moon when the veil between this life and the next becomes ever more ephemeral…

December’s Full moon is also known as “Oak Moon”, “Cold Moon”, “Long Night’s Moon”
The Cold Moon or Long Night’s Moon is the last full moon of the year and the one nearest the winter solstice
To join us on this unique experience you can BOOK HERE or the booking tabs on this site. Please note that this Full Moon Special may add on an extra 30 mins to your Hope Street Shivers experience.

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