About Shiverpool

Our Company Mantra: ‘We Scare Because We Care.’

Audiences come to Shiverpool because they want to hear creepy tales, learn about the mysteries of Liverpool and have a thrilling good time!

Our Mission in this life or the next: 

Audiences are offered high quality entertainment that is consistently inventive and creative. As the best guided tours of the City, Shiverpool are described as trail blazers by Visit Liverpool and the wider tourist sector, we set the standard and we intend to keep exceeding expectations. 

We guarantee to make your spine tingle and make you laugh!

Shiverpool also engages with emerging artists to develop their professional practice whether it be through performing arts, creative writing, theatrical make-up, film making or creative design.

Apart from flesh and blood, values are the corner stone of our daily diets at Shiverpool.

Our Core Values:

  • To deliver the best guided tours in the country
  • To think outside the coffin
  • To tell the stories of the City with integrity, intelligence and ingenuity
  • To exceed expectation always
  • To research thoroughly and be historically accurate
  • To show you places you never knew existed here in Liverpool
  • To listen to you (when you scream) and of course if you have anything else to add
  • To care for and employ the most promising acting talent, train them to a high standard and continually nurture the creative talent in the City of Liverpool
  • To care for our environment (we always dispose of dead bodies in the most hygienic way possible, eating them usually helps with the clean up)
  • To believe in the magic

Call 0151-709-20-30 for the fright of your life.

You can book all of our scheduled tours online. Our booking system is quick, secure and convenient! Advanced booking guarantees you a place on our tours. We’re often fully booked so place your order early.